Configure hostname settings for private cloud environments - x360Sync

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 26th, 2023

The hostname field 

In the Settings tab of the web portal, you can specify your organization's domain name in the hostname field. This is used by x360Sync Server to generate links for login emails, forgotten passwords, and so forth.  The hostname is also passed to the desktop client, so that it knows how to connect to the x360Sync server.

Set the hostname field for companies

When a value is entered into the All Organizations hostname field, all the sub-domains will inherit the top domain URL when their hostname fields are left blank.

For example, assume your organization is named 123 Organization and your domain URL is  At the All Organizations level, enter in the hostname' field.  The DNS record for 123 Organization must point to the public IP address of the MSP's x360Sync Server.

Custom domains per customer

MSP's with a wildcard certificate may wish to make custom domains for their customers.  For example, if the customer's organization is named ABC then their domain URL will be  In this case, the customer must specify in their hostname field. The DNS record for ABC Organization must also point to the public IP address of the MSP's x360Sync Server.

As we currently do not officially support the adding of multiple secure domains, MSP customers cannot create their own unique domain, such as, in their hostname field and have it resolve/redirect to the MSP's x360Sync Server.  Their URL will have to include the MSP's domain in their URL; for example

If you do not currently have a publicly accessible domain URL, for testing purposes you enter localhost in the hostname field.


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