Why Does a Deleted File Reappear - x360Sync

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 28th, 2021


If a deleted file or folder is being recreated by a particular end user, it is generally due to one of the following situations:

  • A file that has been excluded from the sync process still resides on the local machine; if a local file was never synchronized to the cloud, the cloud cannot delete the excluded file

    Note: This process was designed to prevent accidental data destruction. For information on excluded extensions, please reference the What Files and Extensions are Excluded From the Sync Process Knowledgebase article.
  • A file was open during the time that it was deleted
  • A file has a revision that is in conflict and waiting on a resolution from the end user

Troubleshooting Instructions

You can use machine log files and a process of elimination to find the machine or desktop client that is recreating the deleted files or folders. In most instances, a deleted file or folder is recreated because it has been marked as an excluded extension, and it cannot be deleted by the cloud.  

  1. In the administrative web portal, navigate to the Machines tab to download and review log files for the affected machine. For instructions on accessing and reading log files, please reference the How Do I Access Logs Using the Machines Tab Knowledgebase article.
  2. Review the log files to understand potential sync issues. For example, from the logs below, you will see that an excluded file is most likely causing the issue:
    41975 2015-Oct-12 12:13:14.952501:
    WARN: "C:\Users\<UserName>\SyncedFolder\<ShareName>\FilePath" excluded due to invalid extension:
  3. Navigate to the path where the item is being recreated and manually remove the file or folder.