Backup fix for Mac - x360Sync

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at October 3rd, 2022


This article could help resolve issues in the following situations:

  • The synced tool app displays a message indicating that it is  disconnected or offline, such as 
    • Sync will resume shortly when a connection is available
  • You are using a different location than the default synced folder location
  • You have added backups
  • You are using File Server Enablement on a Mac system

STEP 1. Open System Preferences 
STEP 2. Click Security & Privacy
STEP 3. Click the Privacy tab
STEP 4. Scroll and click Full Disk Access on the left
STEP 5. Remove the syncedtool app and the agent_service, if listed
STEP 6. Add the syncedtool  app and the agent_service.  Ensure both items are checked
STEP 7. Open Activity Monitor
STEP 8. Click View from the title bar
STEP 9. Select All Processes
STEP 10. Select agent_service
STEP 11. Click the X icon at the top of the application
STEP 12. Click Force Quit

When this step is completed, the item will not appear to close. This is because it will automatically re-start, which is our goal.

STEP 13. Select agent_gui
STEP 14. Click the icon at the top of the application
STEP 15. Click Force Quit
STEP 16. Open Applications
STEP 17. Open the Agent application

The agent_service is located in the following place on the mac:
Macintosh HD/private/etc/anchor/agent_service

Note: To show hidden items, (a) a finder window must be open and (b) you must be using a Windows keyboard use the following (Windows key + shift + .)  This can be an issue if you are using a keyboard layout for a language other than English.


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