Verify the status of devices with the Health Report - x360Recover

Written By Heather Hootman ()

Updated at July 15th, 2021

In the Health Report tab, you can view a listing and status of all Managed and Protected Systems visible in the GMP. The Health Status report allows you to view an overall health of each device, scored in red, green, or yellow (yellow) to indicate status.

To view the health status of devices:

  1. In the GMP, click the Health Report tab. The Health Report page displays, listing details about each Managed Device.
  2. In the Health Reportpage, view a listing of each device by type, including:
    1. Appliance,
    2. Vault, and
    3. Protected System (grouped by Appliance).
  3. Reference highlighted cells for detailed status information:
    1. A green cell indicates normal operations, such as an Agent being online, the date and time of a successfully completed backup, or a completed Backup with no failures.
    2. A red or yellow (yellow) cell indicates a potential issue, such as a Boot Check that is disabled.
  4. To view additional details, hover your mouse over a red or yellow (yellow) highlighted cell and review the pop-up bubble.


All data and metrics reported by the Health and Trouble report pages is identical to the information available on the other pages of the Global Management Portal, but logical analysis has been performed in order to highlight potential trouble and overall health of each device in a more user-friendly format.