Apr 01 2020 - v 2.8.0 - Release Notes x360Cloud

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 11th, 2021




      April 1,  2020


  • To provide audit log export for reseller use in x360
  • To fix issues reported by users


Export audit logs 

[Step-by-step exporting instructions here:]

To give reseller users the ability to analyze audit log entries (which might grow into bulk data), we have implemented exporting functionality in version 2.8.0.

Now, a user is able to export all (or some) audit log entries into CSV or XSLX file and to perform search or filtering by organization, date range, actor or log event type.

Also, the exported file provides additional details in a raw format, such as highlighting a search query used for a search or restore event.



  • Resolved issues found in the flow of granting additional permissions to the x360Cloud Azure application.
  • Fixed miscellaneous issues reported by users, which negatively affected the user experience.
  • When creating a new organization, the “Automatically add all new MS Office 365 user accounts and shared mailboxes” setting is no longer toggled off by default.

Known Issues

  • Error occurs when trying to restore all data of a selected user on the Accounts page. As a workaround, one can select all by using “*” (wildcard symbol) and specifying a target user account in the “Filter by user” in the Smart Search.


  • When the “Skip External Users” setting on an organization’s Settings page is toggled on, a user is still able to select an external Office 365 account for backup in X360 UI. (However, this selection is not saved appropriately.)
  • When end user account that is backed up in x360Cloud is deleted in the Office 365, it is not automatically de-selected from backup by x360Cloud.
  • “Something went wrong” error occurs when navigating to an organization that doesn’t have an Office 365 provider configured.  


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