Recovery Center v 1.7.0 - Mar 15 2022

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at May 17th, 2022

Component Recovery Center for x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C)
Version 1.7.0
Release Date March 15 2022

Release overview

Recovery Center 1.7.0 is a maintenance release. The primary purpose of this release is to provide bug fixes and improve recoverability of some cases

Summary of feature enhancements
  • Enhanced Hyper-V wizard to match Windows VM creation wizard more closely
  • Enabled Recover wizard to generate crash dumps
  • Enabled Recovery Center to operate with appliance data (Future Feature)
Summary of bug fixes
  • Fixed issue where a protected system volume is returned as RAW disk in file and folder recovery
  • Fixed password expiration on service accounts
  • Fixed edge case issue with iSCSI service unable to bring disk online
  • Fixed issue with missing line breaks in logs
  • Fixed issue with system failing to boot if system volume is in front of boot partition
  • Fixed delay in opening window when starting a new recovery
  • Fixed hang / crash when deleting Hyper-V job if VM was already deleted
  • Fixed issue with user log-out blocked for some users

Future feature: Recovery Center with appliance endpoints

Recovery Center 1.7.0 implements support for a future feature: working with protected system data on appliances.  When this future feature becomes available, users will be able to leverage local appliance backups (instead of local cache) for high-speed recovery of virtual disks or Hyper-V virtual machines

See the Recovery Center User Guide for complete details