x360Recover Bare Metal Restore - Mar 21 2022

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 22nd, 2022


    x360Recover Bare Metal Restore

 Release Date:

    March 21 2022 

Release overview

x360Recover Bare Metal Restore is a maintenance release, updating the Linux kernel for better hardware support and addressing recovery issues and bug fixes.

Summary of new features

  • Linux Kernel updated to 5.11
  • Added IPMITool utility to ISO
  • Added local cache data ‘lazy open’ feature
  • Eliminated creation of ‘sparse’ copy-on-write files during local cache recovery

Summary of bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where a user was allowed to proceed despite an invalid password entry
  • Dynamically calculate local cache size to address unknown alignment of last block
  • Show all filesystem types correctly during recovery
  • Fixed unexpected block alignment issues found during escalation

Known Issues

Previously, during iSCSI initiation, local cache database tables were fully opened and index tables were imported into memory.  This process could potentially require a long time, resulting in significant delays.  

With this release, local cache database tables are opened in a ‘lazy" manner, so that indexes are only loaded on demand during the recovery process.  This results in the recovery process running relatively slowly at first, but recovery speed accelerates up to normal speeds (over the first fine to ten minutes minutes) as local cache indexes are loaded into memory in the background.

Auto Update Best Practices

We recommend that you Enable Auto Update on the Settings -> Update Manager page on each of your x360Recover devices. 

We also recommend that you enable Auto-Enable Remote Assist When Upgrading so that remote access will be available to our development team should something go wrong with your upgrade.

  • This will ensure that your x360Recover devices are updated with the latest software enhancements in a timely fashion, and that the Support team will have a short window of time to access and repair any troublesome devices without requiring user intervention.


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