Onboarding Best Practices: Troubleshooting and Engaging Support


Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 25th, 2023

To streamline your Support experience, please follow these steps      
BEFORE you contact Support for help:

1. Have you run the Analysis Tool (AT)? The Analysis Tool (AT) collects the x360Recover backup agent config logs. It grabs information about Windows (including event logs) and the overall health of the system (including Microsoft VSS) - then, saves that information as a report for a support technician to review when identifying potential issues. How to run the Analysis Tool (AT)      
2. Have you set up “health”  alerts ? Stay informed on any potential issues by configuring the health digest report for an organization. Health digest notifications are outgoing messages intended to keep you informed of significant changes in the status of a client's devices      
3. Have you reviewed these troubleshooting documents?  Before contacting Support, please review and understand these basic documents first:            
D2C Troubleshooting FAQs

Troubleshooting Guide - x360Recover [Appliance-based]
Supported configurations   - x360Recover  [Appliance-based]
4. Have you collected as much information as possible? Do you have your notes at hand? Be prepared when opening your support case      
-Always submit the support case via the x360Portal      
-Submit the case with the appropriate priority      
-When applicable, enable Remote Assist      
-Include current contact details      
-Provide alternate times you're available


Technical reference materials

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Troubleshoot D2C agent errors   Agent best practices
D2C index   x360Recover index [Appliance-based]
Prepare a customer environment for D2C   Agent event logs and alerts
Create and manage customized reports   Troubleshoot backup events, alerts and errors 


More DIY resources

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